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Helping parents make informed decisions about their children's education.

As parents, making informed decisions about our children's education is more important now than ever before. In the world of public school testing, the stakes are high for parents, children, and our teachers. The educational material that we buy for our children should parallel what our children learn in school. However, this often is not the case. There are no guarantees.

Please pardon our mess while we undergo construction. Be sure to check back with us again for exciting information!

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At North Carolina Parent our goal is to bring you, the parent, evaluations of software, books, videos, etc. We will inform you about how a particular item fits into the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (public school curriculum). We welcome your ideas and suggestions for evaluations you would like to see. This site will do evaluations against the North Carolina curriculum. If you live in another state, there is no guarantee that our evaluations relate to your state.

email me for suggestions about evaluations that you would like to see.